The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero On Negan's Kill: "There's More Than The Comic Book"

Glenn's death at the hands (or bat) of Negan in issue #100 of The Walking Dead's comic is by far, the worst kept spoiler in history. Millions of fans are aware of the epic, infamous moment which horrified readers back in 2012.

Heading into The Walking Dead's seventh season as a TV series, audiences will pick up in those exact moments where Season 6 left off and issue #100 left its mark. Everyone has their own theory about what will happen when we see who Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan brought his bat down is revealed but the most popular theory stems from the source material, citing Glenn as the victim.

Well, brace for impact, as the Season 7 premiere might have more to it in its opening moment's than a singular brutal beatdown.

"There's some great drama that stems from that exact moment," says The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero. "Without giving too much away, it's even more than the comic book, because in the comic book it's kind of abrupt, and it's over, and there's a little, 'Okay, I'll see you guys in a week. We'll be by to get half our share.' There's more to it."

TWD Negan Glenn

Many fans have begun to suspect that Negan will kill more than one person in his line-up to start off what Nicotero calls, "the most emotional episode that I've ever shot."

"Carol is not going to show up and blow up the propane tank outside of Terminus. These things aren't going to happen, and it's just devastating."

The cast and crew are feeling the pain and agony of the darkness provided by Negan's vicious kill which happened to be the first thing they had to shoot when returning to the set.

"It was different this year, because we knew that we were jumping into it in a very deep, dark, cold place," Nicotero says. "So it was a different emotion on set, because where we worked ourselves up to for season 6, we began with season 7, and it was really challenging, and it was hard. And the first couple episodes are a bit relentless in that sort of dark place that they really don't want to go, but we're going to take you there."


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(via EW)