The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Reveals His Favorite Kills

Daryl Dixon has killed plenty of both the dead and the living on AMC's The Walking Dead, but on an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, series star Norman Reedus was put on the spot: What are some of his favorite kills?

"I kind of remember almost all of them," said Reedus, before explaining the process of developing a kill Colbert was asking him about. "I [also] liked the hatchback squish. His head kind of went like a grape; that was fun."


Reedus has been in the news all week, while promoting his new unscripted motorcycle show Ride With Norman Reedus on AMC. He also commented on his desire to play Ghost Rider in a reboot and frequently discussed the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

"Yeah! I mean, the truth of it is that it's very precious to us, what we're doing, and it's our thing we're doing out in the woods," he recently said of The Walking Dead's next season. "It would almost be doing it a disservice to us to go around blabbing about it, because we put so much work into it, and it's so personal to us that we almost don't want to talk about it too much, because it's private and personal, and you'll see it."


The Walking Dead will return in October. Little is known about the seventh season yet, although much more should come to be clear next month during the Comic Con International: San Diego panel for the show, when traditionally the first trailers drop.