The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Reveals Who Negan Killed?

The Walking Dead's big cliffhanger has been revealed! Only look if you want to know! Okay, probably not really, but The Walking Dead's writer and creator Robert Kirkman is having some fun with the big mystery which is clouding the show's off season.

Kirkman joined Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick on his Comedy Central series @midnight for some fun and games this week. One topic Hardwick gave to the participating comedians was terrible cliffhangers. Each comedian had to come up with the very worst cliffhanger ending for a TV series and being a Walking Dead fan, Hardwick cited The Walking Dead's cliffhanger and claimed not to have the answer to everyone's question but Kirkman burst out with, "I know!"

When it came time to reveal the terrible cliffhangers, Kirkman teased Negan's kill. "On the next exciting episode of The Walking Dead, we find out how mad fans are when they find out Negan killed Carl in the season six cliffhanger," the writer said, sparking a rowdy reaction from the other participants, the crowd, and Hardwick.

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"People wanted to know!" Kirkman insisted. "I'm not gonna make you wait all summer! I'm not an a--hole!" Surely, he's joking and poking a little fun at his own TV show.


Carl is likely the only character who is ruled safe in the cliffhanger. Prior to unleashing Lucille, Negan threatened to "cut the boys other eye out," implying that Carl would have a head to cut an eye out of in the first place. Kirkman has also admitted that Carl is his favorite character on the show and many suspect he'll eventually become the leader in his father's place.

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October.