Third The Walking Dead Series Will Have a Different Methodology

As The Walking Dead conitinues through its tenth season on AMC, fresh off of the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, the franchise is preparing to grow once again -- and The Walking Dead chief creative officer Scott Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter's podcast that the world of the new series is going to have a very different take on the universe it inhabits. The upcoming, third Walking Dead series is coming to TV next year and it will aim to tell a much different story than its predecessors. This new show, which still is without a title, will focus on the young people that have been raised after the onset of the zombie apocalypse, so they don't know much about what life was like before it.

That is a key difference, according to Gimple. The fact that the cast is younger, and that they have grown up in a fundamentally different society than the one that gave birth to Rick (or even Carl) Grimes, means if the show doesn't feel different from what fans have seen before, it wouldn't make a lot of sense.

"With that show, the third show, it is less about format and it is much more about the perspective that we have," Gimple told THR. "It’s about the two sisters at the lead of the show. It’s about their age and their friends’ age that are going along with them. The show has, in some ways, a different mythology set in the world. It is still set in the same world, but the things that they’re tied up in are very different than the things that the other shows have featured and the lives that we’ve seen these other characters lead. I don’t mean that they simply start in a settled place but the system that they’re under and the system that they’re tied into and trying to get out of is so different from anything we’ve seen. And it gives this show, with its very young perspective, a very different feel. The things that they’re tied up in, we have not seen on the other shows."

An exact release date for the series has not yet been revealed, but TWD3 premieres on AMC in Spring 2020.

This is the next expansion to the ever-growing Dead universe, which now also includes a movie headed exclusively to theaters starring Andrew Lincoln and developed with Universal Studios. What do you want to see from the Dead universe's next spinoff series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.