Walker Stalker Atlanta: Abraham's Army Panel Recap

(Photo: Brandon Davis)

On Saturday afternoon, Abraham's Army took the stage in the Georgia World Congress Center's Sidney Marcus Ballroom to discuss their time on The Walking Dead and more. The panel consisted of Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, and Christian Serratos.

Fans take charge of the panel, getting their questions answered. The first asks about which actor the cast members or other actors would like to work with. "Khary Payton," Cudlitz said. He left the series one episode before Payton came in as King Ezekiel.

How many pickles did McDermitt have to eat?

"By pickles...?" Cudlitz jokes.

"They were pickling cucumbers. They weren't fully pickled yet so they were still cucumbers, so I'd say zero!" McDermitt said. "I really only like took a bite out of maybe five of them. I'm not the biggest fan of pickles. I don't hate them. If it's on something I'll eat it." Serratos, however, will eat any form of pickle, even from a vending machine.

Would Abraham be on board with Rick's plan?

"If he was gonna kill anyone other than me and I had a choice, it would be Rick," Cudlitz said, "because hnow many other people is that a--hole gonna get killed?" He proceeds to make fun of Rick's plan to march on the Sanctuary and how he missed so many shots.

"I disagree only because I'm still on the show and like my job," McDermitt jokes. "I thought it was great."

What to expect from the Whisperers?

"I feel like we constantly try to outdo ourselves in terms of hope on the show, love on the show, what you'll do to survive," "I feel like this season does the same thing. We're trying to do everything we've done to please you guys...I think especially with Angela being our new w, we have a new fresh female perspective on the show...I think it's gonna bring a whole new flavor to the show."

Do they have input on the series and their role?

"We get to every season. We'll have a meeting at the start, maybe a month or two before we start filming," McDermitt said. "There's still room to move and they do that to allow themselves to change things. Maybe they wanted Eugene to admit he's not a scientist in Episode 9 of Season Five and then all the sudden it got moved up."

New looks their call?

"Mine was," Serratos said "Angela really allowed us to make the decision, ultimately they made the final approval, but we were asked what our thoughts are...We had a small time jump and it just made sense that all of our characters would've evolved a little bit."

"Same thing, Eugene has a pony tail in the comics so there's a bit of a road map there," McDermitt said. "I don't know how we see Eugene is how we're gonna see him through the rest of the series. He may change again...If it's organic and real and fits the story, I think they're gonna be open to it."

"I think Abraham's look has been pretty much decomposition and science," Cudlitz said. "I didn't have much input on that."

A former Marine Corps sergeant asks Cudlitz if they were ever doing any training for strategic fights or moves because certain elements were unrealistic."To me, the scene bothered me, too," Cudlitz said. "You're so into something and you're like, 'Really, guys?'"

The same fan points out that he would have killed Abraham during the line up scene if he were Negan as a means to weaken Rick's group. "Me too," Cudlitz said. "I think that Negan even says it in the speech afterwards, he thinks he might have taken out his number two. I feels like he is the guy."

What career if not acting?

"I would want to work or be an editor-in-chief at some sort of fashion and lifestyle magazine," Serratos said.

Comic romance coming or maybe Rosita and Daryl?

"Here's the thing with what the show does in terms of the comics, it not always by the book," McDermitt said. "So, it's not just like, 'We're gonna make it bigger and better.' ... If we're gonna see anything from the comics between Rosita and Eugene it's gonna be some of these larger themes that we're seeing in the comics. I wouldn't say it's gonna be XYZ and how it plays out but what are they feeling, what are the emotions from it? ... That's all up to you an how you interpret the comics. I don't want to say yes or no because that might be a spoiler to you!"

Where does Eugene get his lines and facts?

"It's all the writers, man," McDermitt said. "I'm one of the dumbest people you'll ever meet. I can't even think of a word to say...They'll watch YouTube videos on how to things and they're like, 'Eugene would know how to do this.' ... I have to look up half of what he says! I have a dictionary app on my phone and I'm like, 'I have no idea what this means. I should've known it a long time ago!'"

Do they get to keep any props or costumes?


"There might have been a fur jacket that visited me when I left," Cudlitz said.

"I took Andrew Lincoln's colt python," McDermitt joked. "Oh, I shouldn't have said that!"