Will 'The Walking Dead' Bring in the New World Order?

For the last couple of years, fans of The Walking Dead comics have been wondering what path the [...]

For the last couple of years, fans of The Walking Dead comics have been wondering what path the AMC TV series would take as the seasons continued, hoping that all roads would lead to the introduction of the terrifying Whisperers. However, now that the newest arc of Robert Kirkman's comic has begun, there is a new group that readers are wishing to see on television.

We're talking of course, about the New World Order.

For those who aren't familiar, the New World Order is the story arc that takes some of the survivors to a massive settlement in Ohio called The Commonwealth. Eugene developed a radio and began communicating with a woman from this settlement, eventually leading Michonne and some others across the country to find it following the conclusion of the Whisperer War.

Not much is known about The Commonwealth yet, other than the fact that its inhabitants, especially leader Pamela Milton, are hiding more than a few secrets. This community is also the place where Michonne's daughter has been living since she was separated with her mother years ago.

So, could The Walking Dead series ever introduce this storyline and these new characters? While you might think that it's too far off to even think about, the New World Order might be closer than you think.

The Whisperers are the next major group to arrive after the All Out War concludes. However, those characters could be hard to adapt to a live action format. Additionally, the story in the comics went on for a lot longer than many initially expected. It's entirely possible that the Whisperer War storyline could be shortened for the series, potentially ending before the final episodes of Season 9.

The way people have been buzzing about the New World Order arc, it would be a surprise if the creative team behind The Walking Dead didn't find a way to bring it to TV. Fans would certainly enjoy the storyline, and it could provide a much-needed change of scenery for anyone sick of looking at Alexandria.

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