'The Walking Dead' Producer on Whether Carl's Death Is Being Foreshadowed

The Walking Dead hasn't been afraid to kill off any of its characters throughout the last seven seasons, but it seems like the "All Out War" in Season Eight could push those limits.

When looking back on certain events throughout the last season or two, it seems as if Carl's death is being foreshadowed. The dream sequence in the Season Eight premiere showed Carl and Judith a little older, and that mirrored the same vision that Rick had about Glenn and Abraham when they died last season. There was also a line in the premiere where a Savior tells Rick, "Your boy's gonna die!"

The AMC horror series has been known to telegraph the deaths of major characters, so people have started to pick up on the clues. To make matters even worse, Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert added fuel to the fire, reiterating the fact that no one on the show is safe.

During an interview with Huffington Post, Alpert was asked about Carl's potential death, and whether or not the show had been foreshadowing the tragic event.

"I think we've shown time and time again that everyone's on the table, and we're the type of show [where] we don't have a problem deviating from what the comic does," Alpert said. "We had people saying, 'Oh, if Daryl dies we riot.' No, it's like we hear you. We still get people petitioning us to bring Beth [Emily Kinney] back. There are so many people that love Emily that want her back. That being said, everybody's on the table and where the story demands we go, we're gonna follow."


Those involved with the show have teased that Season Eight will include plenty of major surprises for viewers. Could they include the death of Carl Grimes?

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