'The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Speaks out on Carl's Death Rumors

"Is The Walking Dead actually going to kill off Carl this season?!"

Fans of the AMC series have been asking this question for the past couple of seasons. With star Chandler Riggs expressing a desire to attend college, and his father posting a random "Thank you" message to the show, grumblings regarding Carl's tragic end have continued.

With more talk of Carl's death this season, Riggs took to Twitter to weigh in on the whole issue. While he obviously couldn't say what happened one way or another, the actor certainly thought it was funny that people have been predicting Carl's end for three years now.

"Lmao y'all think I'm getting killed off every year," Riggs wrote in a tweet over the weekend.

Along with the message, Riggs included links to stories from three previous years predicting his death on the series.

Since he stayed back to protect Alexandria, Carl hasn't been featured in the show since the season premiere. Some fans think that this means he'll be safe, while others are predicting that it is leading to his ultimate demise. It's worth noting that the comic is still running today and Carl is still one of the biggest characters.


No matter what happens to Carl this season, Chandler Riggs thinks all of the chatter about it is hilarious.

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