The Walking Dead Destroys SPOILER in Issue #159

The Walking Dead TV series is set for a big season 7 premiere, which will center around new villain, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bringing some serious pain to one of Rick Grimes' survivor crew, using his iconic barbed wire bat, Lucille.

Well, as fans wait for the Walking Dead TV series to continue, there's The Walking Dead comic book to keep them occupied, and in issue #159, we have a smaller, but noteworthy, moment of destruction, that some may even qualify as a "character death."

SPOILERS for Walking Dead #159 Follow!!!

As the Whisperer War continues with Part 3, the various factions of the war (Michonne's group, Dwight's group, Rick, etc.) are moving into position for battle; meanwhile, Negan does battle with Beta - and that battle has a costly price:

The Walking Dead 159 Lucille Gets Broken Dies
(Photo: Image Comics)

So, as irony would have it, just as Lucille is about to make her big, violent, debut on The Walking Dead TV show, she meets her end in The Walking Dead comic book. Sometimes it feels like Robert Kirkman just likes f*cking with us, doesn't it?


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