Do Walker Guts Kill on 'The Walking Dead'?

Negan and the Saviors have a hatched a terrifying plan on The Walking Dead: Dip all of their [...]

Negan and the Saviors have a hatched a terrifying plan on The Walking Dead: Dip all of their weapons and ammo in walker blood to try and infect all of Rick's people via flesh wounds. Straight up biological warfare.

Those who read the comics know that this strategy worked out well for Negan. He killed several survivors, and he believed Dwight killed Rick with a shot from the crossbow. Of course, Dwight was working as a double agent and didn't dip his bolt in walker guts.

So, given that the strategy worked in the comic book, will it also work on the show? Simon is moving a group of Saviors armed with these weapons towards Hilltop as we speak, and they are going to do their best to infect every single person inside the walls.

It seems entirely likely that this plan will work out, especially given how the situation played out in the comics. However, many fans will think back to an incident with Rick in which he was cut by a machete mucked with blood and it did absolutely nothing. Does this mean Negan's plan will fail?

Probably not, considering the focus the show has put on the weapons and the fact that it's following the comic's storyline to the letter. In all likelihood, Rick's cut was an anomaly. Whether the guts just didn't make it into his bloodstream or it was an oversight made by the powers that be, this wasn't the norm.

If the blood from walkers gets inside a person's veins, they will turn. Plain and simple. Sadly, this fact doesn't bode well for the folks sleeping in Hilltop.

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