Does Morgan Die in 'The Walking Dead' Comics?

Now that Morgan has been announced as character who will crossover to Fear the Walking Dead, fans have been wondering exactly what his future holds. Will the kill the character off of The Walking Dead, allowing him to move to Fear during the period of time he was missing from the original series? Or will Morgan ride off into the sunset at the end of Season 8, introducing a time jump in Season 4 of Fear?

To try and get some insight into the situation, many fans have started looking toward the comics for help. Unfortunately, though Morgan is very different from his comic counterpart, his fate in the source material is a bit discouraging.

After being missing for quite some time, just as he was on the TV series, Morgan Jones joined back up with Rick and his people as they made their way to Alexandria. It was there that he met his fate.

Fans of the show are sure to remember the horde that took over Alexandria a couple of seasons ago, and the set of tragic deaths that came with that event. Jessie and both of her sons were killed by walkers trying to escape the community, and that's exactly what happened to Morgan in the comics.


The character, who was in a relationship with Michonne at the time, froze up when he was trying to get away from the horde. He was bitten in the arm, Michonne tried to cut it off, but it was too late. This took place all the way back in issue #82 of the series.

Morgan has already outlived his comic version on the TV show, so it's hard to figure out what will happen next. Hopefully he'll make it out of All Out War alive, though no one is exactly counting on that outcome.