Did 'The Walking Dead' Just Infect Father Gabriel?

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead! Continue reading at your own risk...

Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for a big death this season, and it looks like one of the biggest may be on its way. At the end of tonight's episode, it seemed like the good Father Gabriel may have actually been bitten.

Gabriel has been stuck in a trailer with Negan since the season premiere, and this episode finally showed fans what happened to the two characters. After plenty of talk about their pasts, the duo managed to escape the horde that surrounded the trailer. When they finally got out though, and they were heading inside the Sanctuary, the scene mysteriously cut. All of a sudden, Negan and Gabriel showed up inside the compound.

What happened in that short amount of time when the cameras weren't on the two characters?

Well, it looks as though Gabriel might've gotten bit during the escape. Negan made it clear that the Saviors needed to gently escort him to a cell. When Eugene went to see Gabriel, he was very sick, sweating and shivering to no end. It looked exactly like the virus that accompanies the bitten.

On top of that, he wasn't concerned with getting medical attention when Eugene mentioned the doctor. He wasn't trying to get better, possibly because he knew that he couldn't. All he was concerned with was getting the doctor back to Maggie.

Could this be the end for Father Gabriel?


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