Is AMC About to Announce 'The Walking Dead' Crossover Character?

At New York Comic Con last month, The Walking Dead panel shocked fans by revealing that a [...]

At New York Comic Con last month, The Walking Dead panel shocked fans by revealing that a crossover with Fear the Walking Dead would be on the way sometime in the next year. There have been endless rumors about which character would be making their way to which show, with no indication as to when we'd actually learn new details regarding the crossover.

Well, it looks like after about a month of waiting, it may be time for AMC to unveil which character is making the jump. Today, Black Friday, could be the day the crossover character is announced.

This morning, the Twitter accounts of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and AMC TV all retweeted their original messages from the crossover reveal on October 7. It's an odd move to just RT something with no context, and it's no coincidence that all three accounts did the same thing within a few minutes of one another.

In addition to the new tweets, it's a big day for both AMC productions, making it a prime time to announce the crossover character.

The Walking Dead just announced that production on Season 8 has wrapped this week, freeing up any character who would've been involved on that front. Today in Austin, Texas, Fear the Walking Dead began production on its fourth season.

With the changing of the guard taking place between the two shows, there's no better time to make the crossover announcement, especially if the network is worried about anyone from TWD being spotted on the Austin set.

UPDATE: Since this article was published, AMC announced that the crossover character would be revealed during Sunday's episode of Talking Dead.

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