The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Comic-Con Hotel Room Gets Plastered With Andrew Lincoln Photos Even in the Toilet

San Diego Comic-Con is officially on, and The Walking Dead has big presence at this year's convention. But while you might think it would be news about the upcoming tenth season of The Walking Dead that would be blowing up on social media, it's actually what's happening behind the scenes that has fans buzzing!

Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is currently making his stay at Comic-Con, and he came back to his hotel room to find quite a surprise:

The hotel staff was apparently having some fun with Morgan and decorated his room with the pictures - just to remind Mr. Morgan that Rick Grimes (and Andrew Lincoln) may be gone from The Walking Dead, but he has certainly not been forgotten. Apparently they didn't just think that Negan needed the reminder, because as Morgan also revealed, Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus, also got hit with this little photo prank:

Even when Morgan thought that he'd seen the prank pulled in its entirety, he got surprised again! By the end of a very long first night at Comic-Con, Morgan was ready for some well-deserved rest. But when he tried to go to bed:

From Walking Dead fans everywhere to that entire hotel staff... Bravo!

Andrew Lincoln's departure from The Walking Dead in season 9 was a milestone turn for the series, and left the rest of the cast with much to prove in the aftermath. However, though The Walking Dead took the (inevitable) dip in ratings with the loss of Rick Grimes, many fans have also appreciated how the show has opened up since then.

In the aftermath of season 9, Walking Dead fans were hit with another big shock: series creator Robert Kirkman has ended the The Walking Dead comic series after 15 years, in a surprise conclusion that no one saw coming. The final issues (191- 193) saw Rick Grimes get killed, before jumping forward 10 years to show how Carl, Sophia, Michonne, Maggie, and their offspring are living in a somewhat re-civilized world.


With the comic now done, and Andrew Lincoln now gone, The Walking Dead is about to have it's most pivotal Comic-Con yet - picture pranks, and all.

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