Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Rark Grames Meme Crashes 'Love Actually'

The Walking Dead's Rark Grames memes are now crashing Andrew Lincoln's unforgettable note card scene from Love Actually.

The meme which started when a high school student posted a photo of their Rick Grimes painting on Reddit has become a phenomenon among Walking Dead fans. Dubbed Rark Grames by a user, the rough attempt at drawing Lincoln's character from the AMC zombie drama has appeared in gif and meme form and every corner of the Internet. Now, he's become part of an iconic scene.

In the gif below, Andrew Lincoln presents Keira Knightley with the notecards which helped revealed his character's feelings for her in the Love Actually film. Just when he is about to tell her she is "perfect" to him, Rark Grames crashes the show!


The well-timed edit of the Love Actually scene provides a laughing reaction from Knightley's character, just as fans familiar with the Rark Grames memes will likely react, as well.

Rark Grames' story starts with the original photo, posted by Reddit user aarong77. "Not the best lighting but here's a painting I made of Rick," aarong77 said when posting the image.

The comments beneath the photo in its original thread range from, "Unofficial mod vote says this will be the sidebar image eventually," to "How much time did you spend on drawing the upper lip?" Clearly, the answer to the latter is approximately, "None." Aarong77 says, however, claims he spent "a couple seconds" on it.


The name "Rark Grames," however, spawned when user wecametofight commented "Rark grames" to an eventual 5,230 points from his fellow Walking Dead forum users.

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