‘The Walking Dead’: A Maggie Movie Is "Absolutely a Possibility"

Whether you realized it or not, Rick Grimes wasn't the only major character to make their exit from The Walking Dead on Sunday night. Lauren Cohan's Maggie Rhee has also departed the show, following Cohan's casting as a series regular on ABC's Whiskey Cavalier. After the episode, we learned that Rick isn't actually gone for good, as Andrew Lincoln is set to star in three standalone Rick movies for AMC.

Fortunately, Maggie could also be given the same feature treatment.

During an interview with EW, Walking Dead producer and chief content officer Scott Gimple was asked about the new series of films, and whether or not Maggie could get her own movie as well.

"That is absolutely a possibility," Gimple confirmed. "I will say that Angela [Kang] and I and others really want to see Maggie back on the show. We have a lot of story for her that we want to tackle and we’ve talked about different ways we can do it. That said, if Whiskey Cavalier lights up the world, we’re still going to do Maggie stuff. We’re just going to figure out different ways to do it. It might be me shooting Lauren in between scenes of Whiskey Cavalier, of Maggie in a post-apocalyptic Prague [where Whiskey Cavalier is filming]."

It sounds as though several different doors are open for Maggie on The Walking Dead. If Whiskey Cavalier doesn't perform too well, there could definitely be a chance for her to return on the main show. Unlike Rick, her exit was much more ambiguous, so there are plenty of options should she choose to come back in a future season. Then again, there's always the movie route. If her new show is a hit, Cohan could always film a Walking Dead movie in the offseason and give a proper ending to Maggie's character.


Either way, with this new series of films in the works, it sounds like no Walking Dead character is truly gone until they're buried in the ground.

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