'The Walking Dead's Peter Zimmerman Releases New Music Video

The Walking Dead family is certainly a talented one, and yet another actor from the acclaimed [...]

The Walking Dead family is certainly a talented one, and yet another actor from the acclaimed series is showing off their musical chops. Following the likes of Emily Kinney and Chandler Riggs, Peter Zimmerman is making waves with his music career and has just released a brand new music video.

Zimmerman, going by his stage name Peter Z, released the video for "Te Quiero Solo A Ti" on Christmas eve, bringing the rhythm and blues to this holiday season. Directed by ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis, the video stars Zimmerman and Iris Buckley.

You can watch Peter Z's new video above or on FaceBook!

The actor/musician, who plays Eduardo on AMC's horror series, channeled some of his most difficult break-ups when putting together this new track.

"The inspiration from this song really just came from a combination of break-ups in the past and how I felt during those times," Zimmerman said. "I knew it was a song everyone would be able to relate to in some way, and I'm all about pulling from real life experiences in music. I wanted it to have in international pop vibe so I translated the hook to Spanish & I also felt like the acoustic guitar fit well with the theme of the track. Shoutout to Matt McLaughlin for producing the record!"

According to Zimmerman, his role on The Walking Dead really helped open some doors for him in other parts of his career, especially with his music.

"Playing Eduardo has honestly changed my life in so many ways," he said. "First of all, I've made some life long friends in this fan base at Cons and even on Twitter that I wouldn't have made if not for the show. The show has also afforded me the opportunity to pursue this dream full time, whereas before I was working crazy hours just to pay bills and trying to balance a career. I think the most important thing that changed for me though since being on the show was my state of mind. In all honesty, I was ready to give up acting and music because I kept running into closed doors while killing myself at work just to get by. This role gave me hope and a sign from God that I was meant to do this. I now go into every audition with my head held high regardless of the outcome because this show has shown me my value and I can't wait to see how far things can go."

In addition to his budding music career, Zimmerman is landing roles in bigger productions, like Disney's Jungle Cruise movie with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

"I recently worked on a Disney Project called Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. That movie is set for release in the summer of 2020 so I can't say to much on it yet, but other than that I look forward to Directing my first short, recording my next project in the Spring, and hopefully cooking up something even bigger with Brandon Davis in 2019!"

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