'The Walking Dead': Who Was Negan's Wife?

Fans of The Walking Dead series on AMC know Negan as the loud-mouthed villain with a bat named Lucille and a whole slew of wives doing his bidding at a place called the Sanctuary. Fans of The Walking Dead comics know that there is a little more to this Negan guy than meets the eye.

While the bat and the multiple wives are true of both mediums, the comics have revealed plenty about Negan's backstory, including what happened to his real wife. You know, from before the virus spread and the world collapsed.

As you probably could have guessed, Negan's first wife's name was Lucille, and she's been dead for quite a while.

The "Here's Negan" miniseries from Image Comics revealed that the original Lucille collapsed in front of Negan after the two got into an argument. The doctor diagnosed Lucille with cancer shortly after the incident, but she didn't last much longer.

During her final days, after the diagnosis, Lucille revealed to Negan that she had discovered he was having an affair. He broke it off with the other woman but that didn't really help much of anything. Lucille was still dying.

Like Rick Grimes, Negan was in the hospital when the outbreak took place. He was watching over his wife when she died, only to see her come back as a walker before he even knew what they were.

Negan escaped the hospital room and met a young man named Jeremy, who was the one to go back and put down the walker version of Lucille.


The rest of the story is pretty much history. Negan begins spiraling out of control, as he watched every single person around him to die, one by one. He eventually found that bat and used it as his primary weapon. He called the bat Lucille in honor of the wife he lost.

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