Watch ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season 4 Premiere Opening Minutes

AMC has released the opening minutes from Fear The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere, ‘People [...]

AMC has released the opening minutes from Fear The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere, 'People Like Us,' ahead of its Sunday debut.

Thunder slams. Rain pours. A "road may flood" sign shivers.

Walkers feast on a downed horse. Harsh winds plucks two of them off the ground and sends other corpses flying helplessly through the air.

Credits. A clearer day. Morgan topples a walker and ransacks its backpack. Then another, and another. He pulls a crackling walkie.

It clicks. A man's voice breaks through the static. "Get a 10-13." Then the voice of a woman. "Don't mess with it."

An assemblage of treasures — a pocket-sized 'The Art of Peace,' a water bottle, a pair of peanut butter protein bars, Morgan's favorite, and an assortment of survival tools — are laid out.

Althea removes her welding mask as Morgan's voice comes over walkie. "Al, do you copy?"

She hops out of her reinforced and repurposed SWAT van. "Hey. How's the leg, Morgan?"

"It's good," he reports. "I'm doing alright."

"What's going on? Is John okay?"

"John's fine. Hey, you remember when you first interviewed me?" He sits out back on a truck.

"I think you mean the only time I interviewed you," the video journalist says.

Morgan chuckles. "You were asking questions about where I came from."

"Yeah. The settlements," she says. "The king and his pet tiger. You finally ready to tell me what I want to know?"

"Well, no, no, no," Morgan says, in good spirits. "I'm not gonna tell you anything."

She laughs. Of course.

"But," Morgan says, "I will show you. I'm headed home, Al."

She goes quiet.

"Going back, and I want you to drive me," Morgan tells her.

End of clip.

Another previously-released clip sees Morgan extend the same invitation to Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), now the lone-surviving member of the Clark clan. Morgan made the trek from Alexandria — home to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and, come The Walking Dead Season Nine, a large network of communities — in the Fear Season Four premiere.

Fear picked up immediately where The Walking Dead's Season Eight finale left off, with Morgan setting out and making a solo journey to Texas. When The Walking Dead Season Nine launches in October, the flagship series will have undergone an 18-month time jump — and with Morgan nowhere to be seen, it's easily deduced he ultimately doesn't make the trip back home.

Fear The Walking Dead airs its mid-season 4 premiere Sunday, August 12 on AMC.