Watch: First Four Minutes Of 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x11

The first four minutes of The Walking Dead's next episode have been released and made their way online.

In the opening scene of Episode 8x11, Saviors are alerted to "Doctor Carson and the priest" having made their escape over the radio. As the Saviors begin their chase, Daryl and Rosita lead a crew of Alexandrians to the Hilltop. The fun is only just beginning, as Tara Chambler keeps her girlfriend's death in mind as she hurls a walker which lunged out of the woods onto Dwight. Based on the walker's burnt up appearance, is the group heading back through the patch of woods where Daryl first encountered Dwight during Season Six?

After Dwight manages to bring the walker down, Daryl orders the group to keep moving toward the Hilltop. Rosita and Daryl discuss their plans and how they may be interrupted by the Saviors but also appear to have a fun land competitive walker killing relationship brewing.

The Alexandrian refugees are not the only characters featured early in the episode. Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson pop up with the former analyzing a map and trying to guide them to the Hilltop to care for Maggie. A religious debate ensues as Gabriel insides they have a little bit more faith as God is "always leading the way."

Episode 8x11 is titled, "Dead or Alive Or." The official synopsis for Dead or Alive Or reads, "Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith gets tested." Based on photos from the new episode and the preview above, Daryl may not be alone in that bad company, as he and Rosita appear to be on some sort of side quest together.


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