Who Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere

The Walking Dead is set to premiere its eighth season on Sunday night with the All Out War story line promising to claim a few more characters before it concludes.

While some characters will likely face more danger as the war develops, the Season 8 premiere will place a few in some life-threatening situations from the first shots fired. If The Walking Dead executive producer and director of the Season 8 premiere Greg Nicotero's ominous promise is any indication, fans have reason to worry.

"War has its casualties, so, I think it's safe to say that a couple people will go on each side, but you just have to wait and see, buddy, because I don't want to ruin it," Nicotero told ComicBook.com.

With All Out War officially launching... Who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead's Season 8 premiere?

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Rick- Safe. There is little to no doubt that Rick Grimes will come out on top of his war with Negan. It's only a question of time. While he will be on the frontlines taking aim at his enemies, there are more than a few people willing to do whatever is necessary to protect their fearless leader.

Negan- Safe. Negan is enemy number one to the Saviors but remains in charge of the better-suited army for a war. He will be more diplomatic than ever before as the fight comes to his doorstep but will maintain his upper hand status when it comes time to duel.

Michonne- Safe. Michonne will sit out the early parts of the war as she stays home in Alexandria to recover from her injuries acquired in the Season 7 finale.

Carl- Safe. Along with Michonne, Carl will protect Alexandria. Unless an unexpected ambush arrives at their gate, both characters are safe, for now. When the time comes, however, both Carl and Michonne may be called upon to protect their home in major ways.

Carol- Safe. Carol struggles with her mental state a bit, reluctant to kill those who may deserve it, but knows what her group is doing is serving a greater good. She will execute Rick's plans without question.

Daryl- Danger. With Norman Reedus constantly teasing Daryl's desire to "go rogue" in Season 8, the character might run into some trouble as he gets a little ahead of himself.

Maggie- Safe. Maggie is one of the most level-headed and well-equipped survivors headed to battle, despite having lost the most to Negan and the Saviors. She keeps her emotions in check and brings justice to the villain's front door!

Morgan- Danger. As evidenced in Season 7's Bury Me Here episode, Morgan Jones is in a questionable mental state. He is aggressively trying to kill every Savior but seemed to relapse to his insane state upon the death of Benjamin. As Lennie James has warned fans several times: "be careful what you wish for."

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is the best fighter, possibly second to Morgan, of the good guys. Like Maggie, he maintains a level-headed nature. He is eager to see justice but will do what is necessary to survive.

Enid- Safe. Enid has finally found a reason to become a part of the group: her "family" of sorts with Maggie. She will help her friends survive and do the same herself.

Gabriel- Danger. Gabriel has become a fan-favorite character, which naturally makes any character sweat at moments like these, but also is seen locked away in a trailer with the most unpredictable and dangerous character on the series. It's not a promising future for Gabriel, though his very-different comic book death would be a much more honorable (and horrifying) way to go out.

Gregory- Danger. Gregory was last seen heading for the Sanctuary in the Season 7 finale. With the war coming to the location in the Season 8 premiere, the cowardly leader of the Hilltop will finally place himself among the list of enemies to Rick's army.

Dwight- Safe. Dwight continues to aid Rick's efforts and serve as the mole in Negan's group. Unless someone throws him under the bus, Dwight is in one of the safest positions of all.

Simon- Danger. With casualties coming on both sides of the war, the death of Simon would be a traumatic loss for Negan's group and a major victor for Rick. It wouldn't end the war but propel it further.

Ezekiel- Safe. The guy has a tiger protecting him. He's safe, for now.

Jerry- Safe. While maintaining a positive attitude, Jerry is eager to swing his axe at an enemy. The character will be a valuable member of Rick's army and continue his duties at the Kingdom.

Tara- Safe. Tara really maintains more mystery than most characters in Season 8. Does she want to be in Alexandria? Does she feel guilty for betraying the Oceanside group? Is she ready for what's ahead? None of the questions place her in danger, but calling her "safe" also seems a little off the mark.

Rosita- Safe. Having been shot in the Season 7 finale, Rosita will sit out the early battles as Michonne does to stay home and recover. Still, she is a worthy soldier and could be called upon to defend Alexandria on a moment's notice.

Eugene- Danger. Eugene might be more of an enemy to Rick than the Simon's, Gavin's or Arat's of the bunch. He has thoroughly betrayed the group and helped facilitate Sasha's death. He has landed himself in a dangerous place.

Aaron- Safe. As teased by Ross Marquand, Aaron continues to emerge as a leader in Season 8. He is ready for the battle ahead and has his own guilt over the Wolves to deal with as motivation.


Eric- Danger. Aaron's boyfriend, however, is dragged into a situation he is unfamiliar with. The Alexandrian has little experience with killing and battles, placing him in danger of being killed off.

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