Who Else Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Season 8?

The Walking Dead's All Out War has claimed mostly unnamed soldiers through its first half but the concluding eight episodes might take some big names out of the zombie apocalypse.

Looking back at the first half of The Walking Dead Season 8, the only noteworthy characters to have been claimed by the All Out War feud have been Eric, several Kingdom soldiers, and Shiva. While Aaron and King Ezekiel have certainly been changed in major ways, none of the characters killed appeared to have major impacts on the audience. The upcoming events will likely change the emotional course of The Walking Dead and its roster of survivors.

When The Walking Dead returns, several characters will be at risk of dying. The war came back to Alexandria in the midseason 8 finale and one key character was marked for death. So, who is safe and who is in danger heading into the last eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8?

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(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Rick- Danger. With his son marked for death, Rick may adopt a nothing-to-lose attitude as the war rolls on. He will want to protect and build the world for those around him but may truly see an end of the road now that his wife and son are gone. Will Judith and Michonne be enough to keep him going?

Negan- Danger. Negan turned the tide of the war in Episode 8x08 but his enemy has been given all new reason to fight and is currently in a dangerous state of mind. Though Negan survives the war in The Walking Dead comics, such stories from the source material no longer mean characters will survive on the TV series.

Michonne- Safe. Michonne will serve as Rick's backbone during his time of need, pushing him forward following the loss of Carl. Often able to cope with emotions better than others, Michonne will remain a soldier and likely is one of few who should truly be expected to survive the war.

Carl- Danger. Carl is bitten and his time is limited.

Carol- Safe. Carol is the best equipped survivor when it comes to skills and decision making. No matter how difficult the decisions are, Carol manages to do whatever it takes to protect herself and those around her.

Daryl- Danger. Daryl remains a wild card, having never existed in The Walking Dead comics and adopting a rogue attitude throughout Season 8. With Carl bowing out, Daryl will see even less of a reason to act reasonably.

Maggie- Safe. Maggie cemented her spot as the leader of the Hilltop in the first half of The Walking Dead's eighth season. She sent a message back to the Sanctuary in the form of a body which will likely spur a hefty response from Simon and the Saviors but her people are ready to follow and protect her.

Morgan- Danger. Though Morgan's story will continue to unfold in some form beyond Seaosn 8 of The Walking Dead, the possibility remains his character is killed off and he will tell some backstory details on the sibling series. Primed to rescue King Ezekiel, Morgan is about to step into a major battle settle.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is a skilled fighter but lost a few allies when he decided to keep the Saviors alive. Still, he is not in danger as he remains in control of his surroundings.

Enid- Safe. The Walking Dead can't kill all of the teenagers, right? Enid is certainly in danger, having been caught by the Oceanside community in the wake of killing Natania death but, at the same time, the tyrant was toppled and it might open a door for the group to join Rick's.

Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel will march back to his allies and regain his health through Doctor Carson's aid and the Hilltop's supplies. He didn't come as close to death as he has only to die after escaping with Eugene's help.

Gregory- Danger. Locked in a prison with the Saviors, Gregory has lost all control and runs the risk of being killed or cast out.

Dwight- Danger. Laura has discovered Dwight's betrayal, so it's only time until the Saviors do. His allies in Rick's army will truly have to take him in if he will have a hope of survival.

Simon- Danger. Why didn't Simon kill Maggie? It probably won't be his last encounter with her but the safe bet on their next is that it goes poorly for him rather than her.

Ezekiel- Safe. Ezekiel appeared to have been captured by the Saviors but Morgan Jones will probably rescue him just in time for him to continue his rise back to King.

Jerry- Danger. Though Jerry's king will likely rise to power again, he would be a devastating death for fans and one which would propel several characters into newly motivated arcs. He's a soldier often on the frontlines.

Tara- Danger. Tara's willingness to attack the Saviors regardless of the danger it places her or others in keeps her listed as in "danger".

Rosita- Safe. Rosita's newly adopted level-headed approach to war marks her as "safe" for the remainder of the season barring anything unexpected.

Eugene- Safe. Though Eugene appeared to have stayed behind after helping Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson mount their escape, he is of enough rank and respect within Negan's group to maintain a "safe" status should he truly remain at the Sanctuary.


Aaron- Danger. An accessory to Enid killing Natania puts Aaron in a dangerous position near with the Oceanside community. He'll need some serious help or a convincing argument to free himself from this scenario.

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