'Supernatural' Season 13 Premiere Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of season 12. Sequences are shown of Dean and Sam as they reunite with their mom and fight against the Men of Letters.

When the episode actually begins, fans meet up with Sam and Jack from where the finale ended. Jack asks Sam if he is his father. With Dean, he is seen mourning Catiel after the angel was killed. Dean looks upset. Sam tells Jack he is not Satan, and the nephilim seems focused. Dean then discovers Jack before he shoots at him. The kid then unleashes his powers and levitates the Winchester brothers before throwing them back.

A flashback happens with Lucifer and Mary. She tells the devil to leave her sons alone. She puts on brass knuckles but then she catches on fire. Dean panics and realizes he is having a bad dream. He wakes up with Sam and realize he had a nightmare after Lucifer's son was born. The boy is gone when they wake.

They don't know where the boy went. Jack is seen walking naked in the forest and then stoops. He approaches a dive where two teenage boys are working. The kids are king of brats with one being particularly sleazy. Jack asks the teens if they are his father through the drive-thru. The police are called.

We meet up with Supernatural's leads as they look for Jack. The brothers fight as Dean wants to kill Jack while Sam wants to plan. Dean is upset about everyone being dead, and he isn't willing to see any good in Jack. Sam asks about Castiel, and Dean says the angel must really be dead.

The police arrive for Jack. He sees the sheriff's gun and recognizes it from Dean. He smirks.


The show returns with Castiel's body on a table. Two angels watch over him, and they seem convinced he is dead for good. They are looking for Jack, and they want the boy dead. The female angel seems to have a plan. When we see Jack again, the police have clothed the boy and he seems fascinated. The sheriff's son is the teen who works at the dive, and he mocks Jack. When the sheriff tries to questions Jack, he does not seem interested or able to answer. He says his name is Jack, but he does not have a last name. He does not now where his parents are. She says his mother is in heaven and his father was meant to be here but he is gone. Jack is trying to find him. When she asks Jack if he does remember, he says he remembers when the bad woman burned and the universe screamed. They think he is insane.

They take his thumb print. The officer leaves with her son to watch over Jack. The son asks how high Jack is, but the boy does not understand. Jack says he is hungry rather than stoned. The Winchester brothers then arrive at the dive where Satan's son first arrived. Dean will not go in to see if Jack was there, but Sam is willing to interrogate him. Dean then gets out of the car, and Sam learns the boy was at the dive. Back at the station, Sam calls the sheriff and confirms Jack is there. When they look over Jack's prints, they look like a barcode. When Dean comes back to his car, his knuckles are bleeding and a drunk stranger says it looks like he punched a wall.

Sam comes out and asks about Dean's hand. They learn about Jack and head to the police department. The sheriff is looking at Jack's print when the station's lights begin to blink. She goes to investigate what is happening and calls out to her son. When she walks out, there is no one there and it is pitch-black outside. She goes through the station and walks down a hallway. The sheriff heads past the locker room and enters a back room where Jack and Clark are eating food. They got food from a vending machine. Jack says he likes candy. When the sheriff asks about the things lights, Jack shows he can simply pull food out of the vending machine just by touching it.

Suddenly, he hears a high-pitched noise in his head. He freaks out and then pushes her back with his powers. Clark goes to his mom while Jack tries to leave the station, blowing out lights and electricity along the way. He falls to the floor and sees Dean. Sam tazes the kid before he can do anything. The sheriff comes out and asks Dean and Sam what's happening at gunpoint


Sam and Dean get locked into the sheriff's office. Dean introduces himself to the lady and tries to explain his hunting business. She does not seem too interested. She asks if he is a superhero, and Dean answers that he's just a guy doing his job. Dean explains Jack is not human; Jack is a nephilim. He's half human and half angel. The sheriff seems confused. When Jack wakes up in the cell with Sam, he goes on the offensive and Sam tries to calm him.

Jack says he was scared and that is why he freaked out He cannot control his power; He tells Sam he can hear voices which he cannot block out. Jack says he can't hear the voices right now, and Sam relaxes and tries to calm the boy down. Jack apologizes; Sam asks why. The boy wants to apologize to the Sheriff and Clark for scaring them. Sam then asks Jack why he is old when he was just born. The teen reveals he was his mother during her pregnancy; He says it's like he is me but not me.

Sam asks about the door which Jack opened last season to another world. He remembers doing it, and Sam asks if he can do it again. The boy is not sure how; He says he just needs to find his father because Lucifer will protect him. Jack says Lucifer is not his dad; It is Castiel.

Jacks mom said he needed to grow up fast because the world was dangerous. Castiel was chosen to be Jack's dad, and the boy wants to know where the angel is. Sam says Castiel is dead, and Jack is left to mourn.

The stranger from the dive appears at the jail. She is actually an angel and she brought those who were hunting Jack. Dean says they can leave and they will kill Jack now. Sam says they should not kill him. Dean and the Sheriff then find Clark being held up by the stranger at the dive. She greets Dean while holding an angel blade to Clark's next.


The sheriff tries to shoot the angel. The girl agrees so long as the sheriff shoots Dean. The girl pushes the police offer to shoot him. When Sam returns to the screen, he is calling for Dean. The cell opens up and Jack is confronted by the angels searching for him. They torture Jack and then the angel from the dive stabs Clark. She and Dean fight while the sheriff tries to remove the police. In the cell, Sam gets beaten by the angels. The two fights continue with Dean getting the upper-hand and Sam losing. When the pair try to take Jack, Sam uses his blood to make a sigil to take them out. Dean loses the girl and she goes to confront Jack. Sam tries to stop her. The boys confront her and she stabs Jack. Sam is scared and Jack is on the floor. He seems confused by what is happening, but he does not die from the blade. He says he's fine.


At the station, Clark is seen being ushered into an ambulance. His mom goes with him. Sam and Dean sit with Jack by the Impala. Dean asks how the boy is doing, and Sam says the boy is confused by everything. He says they should take Jack back to the bunker, and Dean agrees. He says he hasn't changed his mind about Jack becoming the anti-Christ, but Dean wants to bring him home until they have a way to end him. Sam seems conflicted, but Dean doesn't want the boy to hurt anyone else.

When the trio get back to the bunker, Jack seems confused. Sam asks if there is anyway they can bring Castiel back, but Sam says it won't happen. Dean says he has prayed to Castiel; That is where he went when he left the card. Dean went behind the dive and reached out to Chuck to bring back Castiel. Dean says everything is not fine; They've lost everything, and Dean says Chuck better bring back his mom and Castiel - even Crowley. Dean says Chuck owes them after everything they've been through, but nothing happens. Dean tears up and stops praying. He looks out with teary eyes and he begins punching the dive's back door and pleads with god.

Dean asked Chuck to help. He got no answer Dean tells Sam that god is not the same and that he does not give a damn. Back in the bunker, Jack's mother is seen on the bed covered. Jack approaches the shroud to see his mother. He touches the woman's feet and looks upset. Dean walks in to see what is happening and visits Castiel's corpse. Dean wraps the man and tries to hold back tears. He creates a pyre to burn Castiel. Sam and Jack are shown watching; Jack asks what he should say. Sam says they should hope Castiel got to go somewhere better and to say goodbye.

Dean says goodbye to Cas - to Kelly and Crowley and his mom. Sam tears up as he thinks of Mary. Dean lights lights the pyre, and the three men watch.

In the alternate world, fans watch as Lucifer and Mary encounter one another. Mary learns Lucifer has been tracking her and says he needs her. He won't kill the woman just yet.

Supernatural returns to The CW on October 12th at 8 p.m. ET.

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