'Supernatural': Mark Pellegrino Teases How Jack Will Change Lucifer For Good

Supernatural may be in its 13th season, but the show is already exploring new story lines which fans never thought they’d get to see. The fandom has yet to stop buzzing about Lucifer and the recent birth of his child, Jack. The pair have yet to meet, but fans can’t quit speculating over what will happen when the pair do come face-to-face.

According to Mark Pellegrino, the moment when Lucifer meets his son may be one that changes the devil fundamentally.

The Supernatural actor chatted with ComicBook ahead of its most recent episode’s debut, and it was there the star opened up about how fatherhood could flip Lucifer’s world upside-down.

“I like to think that fatherhood changes you and it doesn't change you until the moment you touch your baby,” Pellegrino started.

“Lucifer can have all kinds of hopes, wishes, and dreams, but his story from the beginning of time is one of frustrated hopes, wishes, and dreams. He never gets what he wants,” the star continued.

“The good news is that he could be thinking all he wants that this union between he and his son is going to achieve a certain end, but then seeing that boy and letting that work and letting the magic of love and fatherhood do something to you could change everything.”

When pressed about whether Lucifer will make a definite turn on the show, the actor kept his answer vague. “One can only hope,” Pellegrino said, but fans know how to read between the lines here.

If you have caught up with Supernatural’s current season, then you know Lucifer is hellbent on reuniting with Jack. When the devil is told by Mary Winchester there is no way he could want a son, Lucifer simply tells the woman she can’t know what he wants. While the villain surely has some ulterior motives behind his need for Jack, Lucifer does appear to have a genuine feelings for the boy - and some would go as far to call them love.

Love may become the thing that prompts Lucifer to change his ways in Supernatural, but there is little reason to think the devil will become a force of good. The villain has a naturally chaotic disposition, but Jack may show Lucifer what it means to truly care for someone other than himself. That realization alone could open up a new world to Lucifer as he reenters the real world, and the devil may discover all the ways parents must sacrifice for their children.

Hopefully, those sacrifices won’t be literal though. Fans could do without all that blood.

Supernatural airs on The CW on Thursdays at 7:00 CST.

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