'Once Upon a Time' Creator Dishes on Zelena's Mysterious Fiancé

Zelena is going to be tying the knot when Once Upon a Time returns for the second half of Season 7 this spring, but fans are still in the dark as to who will be standing on the other side of the altar.

Who is this mystery man Zelena is set to wed?

While speaking to TVLine, OUAT's co-creator Eddy Kitsis revealed a little more information about Zelena's new love interest. Just like everything in the world of Hyperion Heights, this romantic tale won't be without its own twist.

"We are going to meet her fiancé, and he is, as she said, someone in the real world," Kitsis confirmed. "The last time we had someone fall in love with someone fro the real world, they turned out to be a flying monkey, so we wanted to explore what it would really mean if you fell in love with someone who has no idea you're the Wicked Witch – and if you told them would think you're crazy!"

As fans will remember, the flying monkey story that Kitsis is referring to came at the middle of Season 3, when Emma and Henry left Storybrooke and started their lives over. Emma was in a relationship with a man named Walsh, who was secretly one of Zelena's flying monkeys.

Will the same kind of twisted fate befall Zelena and her new man?

Once Upon a Time returns for its Season 7 spring premiere on March 2 at 8pm ET on ABC.

Once Upon a TimeFriday at 8 PM EST on ABC Television

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a TimeFriday at 8 PM EST on ABC Television

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