'Once Upon a Time' Star Confirms Another Fan-Favorite Disney Character Is Arriving Soon

While Once Upon a Time initially charmed fans by twisting the stories of classic fairytale characters into the show's narrative. However, as the series went on, Once began to wow audiences with its addition of popular Disney characters.

Season 7 saw the latest Disney addition, as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog began a substantial role on the show. Fortunately, she's not the only animated character making the jump this season.

Mekia Cox, who portrays Tiana, spoke with TV Guide this week and confirmed the arrival of another major Princess and the Frog character.

"Episode 12 will be another big Tiana episode," Cox revealed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "And you will get to see some old characters that you've already seen — Dr. Facilier (Daniel Francis) comes back, so you'll get to see a little more of him. You'll also get to see a new character, that might be a little love interest for Tiana. And he might be a familiar face from the Princess and the Frog movie."

Of course, for those who have seen Princess and the Frog, Cox is referring to Naveen, Tiana's prince and love interest. The episode that Cox is referring to, that will introduce Naveen to the show, is titled "A Taste of the Heights." It will be the second episode of the spring half of Season 7.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, as it was teased back in November that Once was potentially looking to add Naveen to the roster, though no casting announcement was ever made.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on Friday, March 2 at 8pm ET.

Once Upon a TimeFriday at 8 PM EST on ABC Television

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a TimeFriday at 8 PM EST on ABC Television

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