'Wynonna Earp' Season 3 Premiere Date Announced by SYFY

As upfront presentations loom and TV networks are beginning to shape their lineups for the next year, SYFY has finally named a premiere date for season 3 of Wynonna Earp, the fan-favorite series based on Beau Smith's comic book character of the same name.

The season began filming in January and concluded last week, after being officially renewed during Comic Con last summer. The third season, which features Megan Follows as the title heroine's mother, will premiere on July 20 -- right around Comic Con's next installment.

“SYFY encouraged us to lean into the comic book origins of the show, so we felt really free to take on more fantastical comic book elements and superhero elements,” showrunner Emily Andras told ComicBook.com of season 2. “I just know, having been pregnant, that the fact that Wynonna was pregnant and fighting demons and kicking butt — and that was both Wynonna and Melanie — really does speak to someone who was a superhero to me. I feel like the kind of fortitude and mental strength it takes to take that on when you’re pregnant is extraordinary. I meant it almost more in a grounded way — any woman who’s doing that is truly a superhero.”

Per the series' official description, season 3 will become even more expansive than that as “Wynonna and her team of outmatched outsiders return to face monsters, revenants and their biggest fears as they fight to take down the demon who cursed the Earp family before he destroys the Ghost River Triangle — and the world.”

The series' fandom is one of the most active on social media, arranging fan conventions around the show and raising money for LGBT charities. At the end of last year, "#WayHaught" -- the pairing of Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught -- was one of Tumblr's top ships of the year.

Meanwhile, members of the cast including Melanie Scrofano (who plays Wynonna) and Tim Rozon (who plays Doc Holliday) have been working with Smith on comic books for IDW.


"When the opportunity came up to co-write the Legends books, a two-issue story arc about Doc Holliday with Beau Smith, I jumped at the opportunity and I'm not lying when I say it was probably the best experience of my life," Rozon told ComicBook.com

July 20 is a Friday, suggesting that Wynonna Earp will continue to air at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Fridays.