'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Life Sentence"

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(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Life Sentence" begins with Oliver launching an assault on the police station. He enters the precinct with the rest of Team Arrow and a brawl breaks out. We see dozens of FBI agents also storm the facility, fighting alongside the vigilantes.

They search the entire facility and don't have luck locating Diaz. They realize he must be at a secret base of operations.

From afar, Anatoly is watching the FBI's siege of City Hall. Oliver steps aside to call him and inquire about Diaz's location. Anatoly's sitting in the same car as Diaz, so he isn't able to spill any information.

Back inside the police station, Olive gifts Diggle a second Green Arrow costume. Diggle refuses the costume.

Anatoly walks inside the police station to turn himself in. With his admittance of his actions, Anatoly also gives Team Arrow the location of Diaz's secret base. Anatoly also reveals that Diaz has three Longbow Hunters in his employ.

Lance is talking with Agent Watson in his office. His phone rings and it shows he has a call from Laurel. Lance answers and we see it's Diaz calling. Diaz threatens Lance. He wants Lance to remove the FBI from Star City orr he'll kill Siren.

Team Arrow and the FBI converge on Diaz's new location. Part of the team enters the warehouse, but they find out it's been rigged with trip wires. If they try moving, the whole facility will explode.

Felicity's working on a way to inactivate the explosives, but she's too late. Anatoly receives a call from Diaz, who knows what Anatoly has been up to. Diaz remotely detonates the explosives, but everyone is able to escape the warehouse without harm.

The group rendezvous back at the police station. The team comes up with a new plan. Agent Watson tells Lance to call Diaz saying that he wants to see Siren. Lance is able to get a location from Diaz, but Diaz warns Lance to come alone.

Lance goes to meet with Diaz, and the FBI/Team Arrow watch from afar. Instead of going along with their plan, Lance agrees to move locations again and the FBI/Team Arrow lose contact with Lance and are unable to locate him.

They get back to City Hall and Oliver realizes that Diaz has a pacemaker. Lance intentionally went with Diaz so that Team Arrow could track the pacemaker. Felicity's able to hack the pacemaker and they find Lance's location.

Oliver's talking to Dinah and Felicity notice he's giving a farewell tour of sorts. Felicity confronts him about what's going on, and he fails to tail her his deal with Agent Watson and the FBI.

Diaz is growing tired of Lance's lack of cooperation and goes to kill Siren, but Lance jumps in front of the bullet. He's shot in the abdomen. Diaz is about to shoot Siren when there's an explosion outside, it's the FBI and Team Arrow.

Dinah goes into Laurel and Lance's holding cell and she removes the power dampening device from Laurel. The two work on extracting Lance so that they can get him medical attention.

Diaz runs outside in an attempt to get away, but he's followed by Oliver. The two begin fighting on the rooftop. Oliver's about to arrest Diaz when Siren gets to the roof and uses her powers to blow Diaz off the roof. He lands in the nearby river and Oliver's upset because he thinks she helped Diaz get away.

Watson and Oliver are talking. Oliver reveals that Felicity made him a device that he was wearing on his wrist that managed to copy all of Diaz's files during the fight. Thanks to Oliver, the FBI now has record of all city employees that were on Diaz's payroll.

Oliver goes to the hospital to visit Lance. It's revealed he's septic and has to have major surgery. Oliver and Lance are talking and Oliver thanks his mentor for being a good father.

Siren is at the hospital and she's talking to Sara Lance. Sara asks if Siren is like "her Laurel" and Siren admits they bear little resemblance.

Agent Watson arrives at the hospital with two FBI agents and tells Oliver it's time. Oliver reveals that he exchanged the immunity for all other Team Arrow members in exchange for turning himself in.

As the agents are taking Oliver away, the doctor comes out and tells the group that Lance died during his surgery.

The FBI is holding Oliver at City Hall until his transport arrives. Felicity gets permission to talk to Oliver and she disables the cameras before she tells Oliver they have a plan to get him out. Oliver refuses to let them get him out of prison, saying that if Oliver escapes, the FBI will have the ability to arrest the remaining members of Team Arrow.

Oliver tells Felicity to bring William in the room so they can talk. Oliver sits him down tho explain the entire situation. He's then led out of City Hall in front of a media circus. In front of the cameras, Oliver admits that he's the Green Arrow.


While Oliver's giving a speech to the cameras, we see a montage of the FBI tracking down the corrupt individuals. We then seen Diaz in a new safehouse alive. We see Diggle with the new Green Arrow costume Oliver gifted him.

Oliver arrives at a federal Supermax facility.