'Venture Bros.' Is Returning to Adult Swim

The Venture Bros. is finally returning to Adult Swim and sooner than expected.

While rumors surrounding the new season of The Venture Bros. being in the works have been circulating for some time, the lack of any official comment from those actually involved in creating the series has led many fans to assume that if the rumors are true it will still be a long time before the new season materializes.

However, Forbes recently reached out to Adult Swim for an update on Venture Bros. in relation to an article about Titmouse, Inc., the production company that currently works on the series. Adult Swim tells Forbes that a new season of Venture Bros. will air on the network this summer.

Forbes notes that when Titmouse was asked about the new season of Venture Bros., the studio remained “tight-lipped.” Whether this is because the studio is less confident in that release date than Adult Swim or simply because they have broader publicity plans for the release is unknown.

The Venture Bros. is an animated comedy that premiered on Adult Swim in 2003. The series is an ongoing parody of classic adventure and superhero fiction focusing on the family of Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, a super scientist who was once a boy adventurer in the same style as Johnny Quest. There have been six seasons so far. Adult Swim renewed the show for two more seasons.

In addition to Dr. Venture, the family includes two precocious teenagers, Hank and Dean, who earnestly investigate mysteries in a Hardy Boys fashion. The family is protected by their bodyguard, former special agent Brock Sampson, and assisted by the robot H.E.L.P.eR. They are continually harassed by Venture’s self-proclaimed arch nemesis The Monarch.


This isn’t the first time that the series has gone on an extended hiatus. The first season aired in 2004, but fans had to wait until 2006 for the second season after production jumped from NoodleSoup Productions to World Leaders Entertainment. In 2011, Titmouse, Inc. took over production from World Leaders.

Fans are continually forced to wait for their favorite shows. Adult Swim is also the home of Rick and Morty, which was recently renewed for 70 more episodes but with no return date in sight.