'Riverdale' Season 3 Premiere Recap With Spoilers: "Labor Day"

The various teens of Riverdale take on their summer activities — Veronica working at Pop’s, Betty clerking for Mary, and the core four swimming in a swimming hole.

Archie’s trial takes place, as district attorney Ms. Wright accuses Archie of being a naturally violent person before Cassidy Bullock’s murder. She pokes holes in Archie’s alibi, and argues that he’s a killer. Mary gives her closing remarks, and points out all of the positive things that Archie has done over the past few years, as well as the fact that there’s no evidence that Archie committed the crime. The jury leaves to deliberate.

Archie’s friends and family debate about what will happen with him. Archie sits on the steps, having a vision of Betty, Veronica, and Jughead leaving him at the swimming hole. Archie tells the three of them about the swimming hole, and suggests they go to it again.

The judge postpones the trial until after Labor Day. As Archie and his family leave the courthouse, Hiram tries to approach them, and Fred punches him in the face.

Jughead walks past Dilton and Ben, who are playing a game called Griffins and Gargoyles. He sits down with the core four, who try to figure out if there’s any evidence at Shadow Lake that could help Archie.

Cheryl walks into Pop’s in her Serpent jacket, and tells the group about her and Toni’s summer biking across the country. She invites them to a pool party.

Polly and Alice invite Betty to breakfast, but she doesn’t want to. Alice tells Betty that Edgar - the leader of The Farm - thinks she should spend more time with her family.

Betty works on the red jalopy with Archie and Fred. Archie turns it on, and it works. When Fred leaves the room, Archie asks Betty to take care of Fred if and when he goes to jail, and she agrees.

Veronica confronts Hiram, telling him that he won’t be able to keep her and Archie apart. She asks him to help save Archie, but Hiram says its beyond his control.

Jughead meets with the Serpents in their tent city. He asks Fangs to look out for the Ghoulies, as proof of Hiram’s master plan. He walks to FP, who is giving Archie a Serpent tattoo as a way to defend himself in prison.

Betty finds Alice reading through her diaries, which Alice says Edgar wants her to burn as a way to get beyond her past. Betty gets frustrated and leaves, and Polly remarks that there’s something else Alice should know about Betty.

Everyone gathers at Cheryl’s pool party. Sweet Pea and Josie talk about their summer fling, which Josie doesn’t want to get in the way of her music.

Kevin and Moose sit in pool chairs reading. Kevin suggests that the two of them make a pact to lose their virginities to each other by Halloween.

Archie and Reggie toss a football around, while Archie asks Reggie to help keep the peace with the Serpents.

Toni and Cheryl sit at a pool, as Cheryl explains how Archie saved her from committing suicide, and that she feels guilty for not being able to help him in return.

Betty tries to comfort Veronica, who reveals that she isn’t allowed to testify against Hiram. Josie reveals where the jury is being sequestered, and suggests that they try to sneak Veronica in to get through to one of the jurors.

Jughead watches Dilton awkwardly stand at the edge of the party. Fangs rushes in, and reveals that the Ghoulies kidnapped Hot Dog on Riot Night. Betty agrees to go with Jughead to help rescue him.

Mary tells Fred how she feels like she failed Archie. Archie overhears them, and argues that it’s his own fault that he’s in this situation.

Veronica dresses as a housekeeper, only to be intercepted by Sheriff Minetta. Hermione picks her up from the Sheriff’s office, where she argues that she’s trapped in Hiram’s dealings.

The Serpents try to rescue Hot Dog. Jughead is quickly bombarded by Penny and the Ghoulies, who accuse him of spying on them. Penny asks Jughead for his Serpent jacket since the group technically doesn’t operate in the South Side anymore. Cheryl shoots an arrow at one of the Ghoulies, and Penny argues that the North Side is now fair game.

Archie has a nightmare about Bullock’s murder.

FP asks Jughead how the Serpents are holding up. When Jughead complains about what’s going on, FP says that they’re Serpents no matter what.

Alice and Polly confront Betty about her adderall prescriptions, and argues that Betty is trying to scam her way into getting more drugs. Betty says that The Farm isn’t going to help them get over what happened with Hal, and Polly argues that Betty is having a secret double life.

The core four take Archie’s jalopy to the swimming hole. A sign nearby says “No Swimming After Labor Day”.

The core four sit around a campfire, as Archie says that this was the best last day of summer ever. Jughead suggests that Archie make a break for it and flee to Canada, but Archie says that he’s guilty in one way or another, and needs to take responsibility for that.

Betty tells Jughead that she doesn’t want to go back to school, because she’s been avoiding her problems by working on Archie’s case. She realizes that she has to face all of her problems once school starts back up, and Jughead says that he’ll help her get through it. He puts his beanie on her head, and they kiss.

Archie and Veronica lay by the fire. He says that he doesn’t want her to visit him in jail, but she says she will no matter what. She says that Hiram can’t break up their relationship. Archie reveals that what bothers him the most about going to jail is knowing what he’ll miss out on with his friends.

Archie, Mary, and Fred prepare to leave for trial. Jughead and FP are visited by Dilton, who reveals that he and Ben discovered a monster called The Gargoyle King while playing Griffins and Gargoyles. Jughead has to leave for Archie’s trial, so he lets Dilton get some rest at his place.

Archie’s trial convenes. The jury reveal that they’re deadlocked on a verdict, and the judge dismisses them. Ms. Wright gives a plea deal to Archie for a lesser sentence, as opposed to going with a second trial. Archie quickly takes the deal, and the trial ends. Everyone watches in shock as Archie is taken away to juvie. Veronica begins crying, and Betty comforts her.

Fred, Mary, Tom, and FP promise to help file the appeal and prove that Hiram framed Archie.

The Lodges return home. Hiram reveals to Veronica that this is all punishment for her betraying him. She says that she’s not his daughter anymore.

Jughead returns home to find a drawing of the Gargoyle King on the back of a map. One point on the map leads to Fox Forest.

Archie is transported to juvie on a bus. The bus passes a sign for Riverdale, which is marked with weird symbols.

Jughead goes through the woods, where he finds Dilton and Ben in front of a handmade sacrifice for the Gargoyle King. Ben wakes up, and begins to spit out some green liquid. Jughead screams for help.

Betty walks downstairs to find Alice and Polly leading a ritual around a fire with the babies. It looks like they throw the babies into the fire, but they quickly begin to levitate. Betty passes out and begins having a seizure.



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