'Legacies' is Now Streaming on Netflix

The CW's latest chapter of The Vampire Diaries universe, Legacies, wrapped its first season up just over a week ago after having taken fans into a world that focuses not on the familiar vampires, werewolves, and witches of Mystic Falls but instead on the next generation -- specifically the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, Hope. But if you missed out on Legacies' first season or simply want to rewatch for details you might have missed, you're in luck -- the series is now on Netflix.

Legacies' first season has officially begun streaming on Netflix, giving viewers an opportunity to jump back into the world of The Vampire Diaries. The show, which is set several years after the end of The Vampire Diaries and a few years after the end of Legacies, follows the now-orphaned Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), the 17-year-old vampire-werewolf-witch "tribrid" as she attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted alongside other young supernatural beings -- including the twin daughter of headmaster Alaric Saltzman. During the first season, Legacies struck a balance between Hope finding her place in the school while also dealing with the grief of her numerous familiar losses and dealing with numerous supernatural "monsters" attacking the school all in search of an artifact connected to a much bigger, scarier bad.

That bigger bad, an entity called Malivore, ended up having significant ties to Hope's boyfriend, Landon and, ultimately saw Hope sacrifice herself in order to save not just someone she loves but the world at large. However, according to series creator Julie Plec, the defeat of Malivore and presumed death of Hope may not move the series in a different direction as it goes into Season 2. The show, which was renewed along with the Charmed reboot back in February, has plenty more interesting creatures to face next season.

"We've had conversations about demigods and demons and more fantastical creatures," Plec told TV Line following the season finale. "We've also had conversations about creatures with historical implications and literary references. If a book has been written about a headless horseman, who's to say that the headless horseman didn't also exist in Malivore's time?"

And those "fantastical creatures" may just fit in with the show's tried-and-true monster of the week format that they plan to keep.


"It's certainly our intention, conceptually, to have a similar structure for the next season," Plec continued. "Without giving away too much about how or why, we definitely like the idea that things we wouldn't expect to exist in our little Vampire Diaries universe keep knocking on the door of the Salvatore School and causing problems."

Legacies Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. The show will return for a second season sometime this fall on The CW.