‘Game of Thrones’: Brienne of Tarth Becomes a SPOILER

After their friendship was forged through dire circumstances, many Game of Thrones fans love seeing Brienne Of Tarth and Jaime Lannister interacting together on the show. Their short-lived reunion from Season 6 wasn't what we all wanted to see, but it did offer hope that the two would cross paths again.

Now that Brienne and Jaime have both returned to Winterfell, fans were expecting some major developments. And they did happen, as Brienne helped save Jaime's life, and in turn the Kingslayer made her an official knight. It truly was a joyous occasion.

The previous episode ended with Jaime's arrival, and he was shocked to see Bran Stark alive and staring him down. Those two characters haven't seen each other since the pilot, when Jaime shoved Bran out of a window and paralyzed him.

Jaime was basically put on trial, with both Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen grilling him for his transgressions against both of their families as well as the entire realm of Westeros. But it was Brienne's intervention, mentioning his oath to Catelyn Stark and her quest to keep Sansa and Arya safe, that convinces Sansa to spare his life. Jon Snow backs her decision, and Jaime is given a place in the coming war against the Army of the Dead.

Later on, as many of our fan-favorite characters are sharing one last drink before the Night King's arrival. Jaime and Brienne discuss how far she has come as a leader, and the Lannister says he would be proud to serve under Brienne's command in the fight to come.


Later on, as Tormund continues to flirt with Brienne, she mentions that women cannot become knights in Westeros. Tormund says that he would knight her if he were a king, but Jaime does him one better and actually makes her a knight ahead of the war breaking out. Looks like we have a love triangle on our hands...

Well see how it all turns out as the final season of Game of Thrones continues on HBO TV.