James Corden Upset by Game of Thrones Fan Wishing Cancer on His Child

Once again, Game of Thrones has made a lot of people mad as it barrels toward the finish line. But instead of a main character getting killed in shocking, brutal fashion, instead fans are upset that one of their favorites has seemingly become a villain. Unfortunately, some fans are directing their anger in the wrong direction.

One Twitter user lashed out at The Late Late Show host James Corden after he made a joke about the final season, wishing that his child would get cancer over a spoiler the Twitter user already knew, admitting he watched the show. The user has since been suspended, but Corden's response garnered tons of fan support.

"It’s fucked up you can’t even watch TV without a fat fuck spoiling something… Luckily I got to see it before this, but seriously I hope his kid gets cancer," wrote the user. And, predictably, Corden did not enjoy this interaction.

When the user responded that it was a joke, Corden didn't back down but continued to use his platform to ask for empathy.

As evidenced by the reaction to the latest episode, some fans take their entrainment way too seriously and should probably take a deep breath before they get angry on social media. It's ok to find enjoyment, it's ok to be disappointed in actions and events that take place in film and television.

But once you cross a line, be prepared to deal with the consequences.

The final episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday on HBO TV.



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