Giant Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Mug Is Bigger On the Inside and the Outside


Transdimensional engineering is the key to TARDIS "bigger on the inside" technology, but this coffee mug wasn't developed by Time Lords. No, some regular humans just kept things simple and made a great big ceramic Doctor Who TARDIS-themed mug that can hold 64 oz. of your favorite beverages - preferably caffeinated ones.

Granted, it would be nice to have a bottomless, regular-sized mug that didn't require two hands to hold. However, a Time Lord-designed mug would probably set you back more than this version, which is available to order here for $24.99. Besides, isn't 64 oz of coffee enough for one sitting? After all, you would need to brew in the TARDIS coffee press twice just to fill it...


Indeed, the ThinkGeek exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS coffee press brews up 34 oz of rich French press-style coffee, which should be enough to keep any Time Lord focused. You can order one to pair with your giant TARDIS coffee mug right here for $39.99. Keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, so if you get the mug and the press you're all set to tweak out on adventures through time and space.

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