Fox Parodies After-Shows in Star-Studded What Just Happened??! Trailer

Ever since AMC's Talking Dead became an important cultural accompaniment to The Walking Dead, garnering almost as much buzz from the fandom as the series itself, the idea of the after-show has become almost a standard with prominent series. From Game of Thrones to Star Trek: Discovery, just about every major TV series has some form of an after-show these days, bringing in various celebrities to overreact to every important moment on the show. Well, a new series on FOX is quite literally making a joke out of the after-show concept, and it looks absolutely hilarious.

On Monday evening, FOX unveiled the first trailer for the new series What Just Happened??!, hosted by Fred Savage. The series is an after-show for a TV program that doesn't actually exist. However, the host and celebrity guests act as though the show is not only real, but one of their absolute favorite franchises.

The fake TV series is called The Flare, and it's based on the (fake) book series of the same name, written by (fake) author TJ Whitford. Host Fred Savage claims that The Flare has been one of his favorite book franchises since childhood, and he's been waiting to see the TV adaptation for some time.

The Flare is about a solar event that has far-reaching effects on the planet. The residents of the small town Milford, Illinois fight to protect their families as a battle for survival slowly unfolds. Now, the folks on the after-show won't just talk about The Flare, there are actual clips from the fictional series that will run during the episodes, with actual actors cast in the parts.


Fred Savage won't be along in this wild parody adventure, as his celebrity guest lineup includes his co-star on the vastly underappreciated FOX series The Grinder, Rob Lowe, comedian Ken Joeng, after-show all-star Kevin Smith, and various others.

The Flare may not be real, but What Just Happened??! certainly does, and it is set to premiere on Sunday, June 30th at 9:30 pm ET on FOX.