Netflix Announces Sacha Baron Cohen's The Spy Premiere Date, Releases First Look

Netflix pulled back the curtain on its newest project this morning, which will feature none other than Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen's new project is titled The Spy, a series that will put the actor in a much more dramatic role than some fans are used to seeing him in. Instead of the tongue in cheek character's he's so well known for, The Spy is based on a real-life person named Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who worked in Syria in the 1960s. The series will include 6 episodes and will premiere on Netflix September 6th, and you can check out the first photos from the new series below (via THR).

The first photo has Cohen charming several people at a party in a white suit, while the second photo spotlights the more tense handoffs and exchanges spies often have to make. The third photo shows Cohen in the middle of a crowd in the streets of the city, and he looks to either be tailing someone or trying to find someone in a crowd, which as you can see is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You can check out all the photos below.

(Photo: David Lukacs/Netflix)

The series was created by Prisoners of War creator Gideon Raff, which is what Homeland was originally based on. Raff is directing and writing the series, while Alain Goldman is producing. The Spy stars Noah Emmerich (The Americans), Hadar Ratzon Rotem (Homeland), and Waleed Zuaiter (Altered Carbon).

(Photo: Axel Decis/Netflix)

Emmerich will play the role of Dan Peleg, who is Cohen's handler in the Mossad and attempts to ease his guilt over all the things Cohen has to do as part of his job. Rotem plays the role of Nadia, Cohen's wife, and we'll see her start to investigate and discover what her husband really does at his government job. Zuaiter plays the role of Amin Al-Hafz, a military officer who sees an ally in Cohen.

(Photo: Axel Decis/Netflix)

The real-life Cohen lived in Damascus in the early 1960s and ended up finding a way into high influence circles. He would gain the trust of military leaders and high society figures alike, and because of that was able to gain access to information regarding Syria's anti-Israel motives and plans.


It looks like we'll see that play out in the show's first season, which kicks off on September 6th.

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