'The Ranch' and 'Butterfly Effect' Star Ethan Suplee is Unrecognizably Buff in New Workout Photos

Actor Ethan Suplee has racked up an impressive list of TV and Film roles since the 1990s, earning the distinction of being one of the most recognizable "Oh that guy!" character actors of his generation. Suplee has been a staple of Kevin Smith films like Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma; cult-hit films like American History X, The Butterfly Effect; hit TV shows both old (Boy Meets World, Raising Hope) and new (My Name is Earl, The Ranch, Santa Clarita Diet); and even award-worthy cinema like Wolf of Wall Street, or Motherless Brooklyn. Throughout that career the main staple of Suplee's look has been his hefty frame and stature - but that's definitely no longer the case.

New photos of Ethan Suplee's shocking buff-body transformation recently hit the Internet, and they have immediately gone viral, as fans examine them in total shock and disbelief:

TIL Ethan Suplee is RIPPED now. from r/pics

Now truth be told, Ethan Suplee has been on a journey of body transformation for years now. It was well documented when Suplee shed more than 200 pounds in 2011, and spent the following years cutting his weight down to around 9% body fat. However, Suplee apparently found that the body transformation impeded his ability to get roles, since his larger size was a signature of his career. It now remains to be seen what has inspired this buff-bod transformation now: is it for a role? Or just general health and wellness?


Suplee is now 43, which is definitely a time of life when adopting better overall health practices becomes paramount for the shift into middle-aged and eventually elderly life (speaking from a friend's experience). While he's made a great living off being a Baby Huey-type persona in TV and film, Suplee may simply have other focuses at this point, like picking up his body transformation goals from where he dropped them to further his career. Of course, we always hope for celebrities maintaining a healthy work/life balance, so it would be nice if this push for Suplee to get a buff body was also tied to some upcoming work - which in turn would help shatter the overall stigma that Suplee can only play characters of the heavier set.

One thing is for sure though: Little Frankie Stecchino has really grown into himself!