Game of Thrones Star Opens Up About Filming Their Death Scene

Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones was full of dramatic moments and tragic deaths. One would expect nothing less from the epic Battle of Winterfell in which the Night King and his army descended upon Winterfell. Still, one death in particular was especially devastating to fans of the HBO series, but for the actor behind the role, their end isn't sad. It was a "great" death.

In an interview with Yahoo! Bella Ramsey, who plays Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, opened up about the character's demise and revealed that she was ultimately pleased with how it came out.

"If you're going to die on Game of Thrones, you have to die well, haven't you?" Ramsey said. "I was very pleased. She's the littlest fighter taking out the biggest wight. It did feel fitting."

In the Battle of Winterfell on Sunday’s "The Long Night", the young head of House Mormont of Bear Island, well-known to fans for her sharp wit and confidence to go against the adults for what she felt was right found herself going toe-to-toe with the Night King's biggest undead soldier -- a massive giant. The young girl didn't back down and while the giant crushed her to death in his grasp, Lyanna got in one final, epic act of defiance before the end. She stabbed him right in his blue eye with her dragon glass weapon.

For Ramsey, it was a perfect extension of action for Lyanna who has "always been sticking up for what's right, especially in a room filled with grown men and women."

"Here, she's doing the same thing, just extended a bit," she continued. "It was very fitting that little Lyanna came up against a giant and killed him."

Her character's demise hit fans of the series hard, with many fans quick to respond at the heartbreaking turn on social media, but while fans were shocked, Ramsey not only knew well in advance about how Lyanna's story would end, but ultimately was pleased with it.

"I was so grateful to be given such a great death," she said.


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Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.