A Story About Donald Trump Being Pranked by Vince McMahon Told by Vampire Wrestler Gangrel

Barring a campaign from The Rock, Donald Trump will be the first and last WWE Hall of Famer to become President of the United States. But before he was Commander in Chief, he was Vince McMahon's pal.

Being friends with Vince McMahon appears to guarantee a few things, none more certain than the fact you will be pranked.

One of WWE's more memorable characters of the Attitude Era was a vampire named Gangrel. Given his unique vibes, McMahon saw him as the perfect vehicle to deliver a prank on his billionaire buddy, Trump.

Gangrel recalled the story during an appearance on Chairshot to the Cranium.

"The Donald Trump thing, it was a rib and Vince [McMahon’s] plan,” Gangrel said. “I wasn’t even on the show at The Garden and all of a sudden, they called me at home and said, ‘Vince wants you at The Garden show.’ It’s last-second, you know I was all excited, I had always dreamed of wrestling at Madison Square Garden with WWE. I mean, The Garden is such a great venue," said Gangrel.

"So I was stoked and I get there and I see I’m a special attraction with Kane. I go, ‘wow, I don’t know why they really needed me. I’m just going to be chokeslammed in three minutes and be done, but whatever, it’s cool. It’s The Garden. I go out to the ring and I see someone and say to myself, ‘that guy doesn’t really fit here,’ but I got the sunglasses on and the red lights are going and the energy’s going so I pretty much rush through it. I go up the steps and I can hear the people really getting behind me," he said.

When Gangrel hit his entrance beat — a sip spray of fake blood — he noticed that something was a little out of place.

"I start drinking [from the goblet filled with stage blood] and the deeper I kept drinking, the louder it got. I spray [the fake blood] and it roars so I’m guessing this whole time I was drinking down, people were trying to pull Donald Trump back, but he didn’t want to be touched so MSG security were pushing themselves against the guardrail. So they’re trying to push him even further away and I didn’t see them and I just spray as hard as I ever could spray," he said.

Gangrel's blood mist would ruin almost any suit and after his deed, Stephanie McMahon let him know that he had overstepped a boundary. But before Gangrel could enter a full panic, he'd learn that it was all one big ruse by McMahon.


"I was super scared I was going to get in trouble. Stephanie told me, ‘my dad’s upset, Trump is his friend.’ She wound me up for like a day and a half or something and it turns out Vince set that whole thing up. He double-ribbed all of us," he said.

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