The Reason Bobby Lashley Turned Heel

This past Monday night during WWE RAW, Bobby Lashley officially turned heel. The man who returned earlier this year following WrestleMania who was all smiles now has instantly become a top villain for the RAW brand.

So why the abrupt change? Many fans were shocked at the change of his character, though most would probably also agree it was a good move for a character that had been kind of languishing until being paired with Lio Rush.

Apparently, according to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the decision was made to turn Lashley heel solely out of a need for top heels on the brand. It makes sense given the lack of foes for the massive amount of babyfaces on Monday night to feud with.

There was also a need to write Kevin Owens off of WWE television so that he could be away to have surgery. Owens will undergo surgery on his knee that could keep him out anywhere from 4 to 8 months. During Lashley's turn on Monday night, he storyline injured Owens' leg on the ring post to explain him going away for such a long period of time. The surgery is much needed as Owens has reportedly been working hurt for quite a while.


Lashley's new manager, the aforementioned Lio Rush, also shined quite a bit during the match on Monday night as he was on the microphone and annoying the crowd in the process, trying to get them to chant for Lashley. During the match, it made you wonder if they were actually thinking that this would cause cheers for Lashley because it was incredibly annoying. However, given the turn at the end of the match, it all made sense and clearly the company knew the stuff from Rush would work to their advantage in getting their man boo'ed.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon was personally in Rush' ear throughout the segment prompting some of his chants.