WWE's New Ultimate Edition Action Figures Will Blow You Away

You don't have to be a WWE action figure aficionado like Zack Ryder to be blown away by what you see from Mattel's new Ultimate Edition action figures.

On Saturday, WWE's YouTube channel published a new video featuring Ryder, Curt Hawkins, and Alexa Bliss taking a sneak peak at the new series of figures. Ryder and Hawkins are of course well known in the action figures community for their podcast and YouTube series, and WWE made Bliss an honorary member of the "Elite Squad" for the special event.

Check out the video below of the three stars visiting Mattel's headquarters in Los Angeles, California with a detailed look at the upcoming figure series.

The video shows off upcoming Mattel WWE Elite and Retro figures as well, but it's the Ultimate Edition figures that have everyone talking. The two shown off are Ronda Rousey and The Ultimate Warrior.

Mattel advertises their Ultimate Edition figures as "authentic, most detailed, extremely poseable, and highly accurate." Ryder even notes in the video that they are "better than Elites," which he calls the best figures ever created "until these."


Even more advantages of the Ultimate Edition figures include double-jointed elbows, double-jointed knees, side-to-side ab movement, toe articulation, interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, interchangeable arms, and interchangeable gear. They are the same size scale as the Elite and Basic series.

The Rousey and Warrior Ultimate Edition figures are slated for a Spring 2019 release.