Bobby Lashley Helps Dean Ambrose Retain Intercontinental Championship Against Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose clashed in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the Intercontinental Championship in the main event of Monday Night Raw this week, but it was Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush who wound up celebrating at the end of the night.

After spending the bulk of the match brawling around the building, the two finally made their way back to the ringside area. Ambrose attempted to hit Dirty Deeds on Rollins on the unprotected concrete floor just like when he turned heel back in October, but Rollins flipped him over to escape.

After a brief exchange in the ring, Rollins nailed Ambrose with a Curb Stomp and tried to make the cover. but his attempt was stopped by Bobby Lashley, who pulled Rollins out of the ring began attacking "The Architect." He then nailed Rollins with a spear back inside the ring and allowed Ambrose to crawl his way over to make the pin.

Rush then pulled out a table from under the ring, allowing Lashley to slam Rollins through it to close out the show.

The rivalry between Rollins and Lashley started a week prior when, after being denied a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, Rollins was put into a match with Lashley by Triple H. Rollins wound up losing by disqualification after losing his cool and viciously attacking Rush with a chair, at one point using it while he hit a Curb Stomp.


The two men opened the show this week brawling in the backstage area. The two were separated, only to start throwing fists again while John Cena and Drew McIntyre looked like they were about to have a match. The brawl led to a six-man tag match involving the four men, Ambrose and Finn Balor, which Rollins won after nailing Ambrose with a Curb Stomp to pick up the pin. He then stormed his way backstage and demanded a title match from Hunter, who happily obliged.

Elsewhere on Raw this week, Sasha Banks earned a title shot against Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble, Cena announced he'd be taking part in this year's men's rumble match, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode successfully defended their Raw Tag Team Championships against The Revial (though a future rematch was hinted at) and Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman wound up not having the face-to-face that was originally advertised as Lesnar refused to step into the ring with "The Monster Among Men."