Vince McMahon Pulls WrestleMania Switch: Becky Lynch Out, Charlotte Flair In

Raw ended with quite the boom as Vince McMahon swapped Becky Lynch out for a company-endorsed Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania 35's main event with Ronda Rousey.

McMahon's switch-a-roo came after Lynch apologized to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon after three hours of deliberation. Lynch's "I'm sorry" got her in the WrestleMania main event for all of about two minutes until McMahon announced that her apology meant nothing and suspended her for 60 days — disqualifying her from 'Mania.

But being WWE's chairman, McMahon already had a new plan in place with Flair. Not only did he introduce her as Rousey's opponent, but actually gave Flair the corporate stamp of approval.

While the theatrics gave Raw a shocking end, WWE has been working in this direction since November. After Flair went berzerk on Rousey as Survivor Series, WWE left room for this story to be picked back up at a later date.

However, don't be surprised if Becky Lynch finds a way to wiggle back into this match.

For now, Lynch will have to chew on her 60-day suspension. But if we know WWE's suspensions, they are prone to loopholes and Lynch could find hers at Fastlane. In all likelihood, Lynch will have to re-qualify for Mania's main event. If we had to bet, that will come in a one-on-one match with Flair, but WWE is keeping the wrestling world on its toes with this story and Lynch could find a less conventional way to get back in.

We'll have to wait for that, but perhaps the most important development is that Flair is officially The McMahon's champion. Like so many before her, Flair will represent the corporation and she will be damn good at it. While she did well as a babyface, the wrestling world is simply in better alignment when she's a villain.


In the next few weeks, expect Flair and the McMahon to be very cozy. Lynch may be off TV for a short time, but she's going to need some help getting reinstated. Where that comes from its still a mystery, perhaps from Rousey herself.

Regardless, this is smelling like an excellent WrestleMania 35 build for a truly history-making main event this April. If it wasn't clear, it is now: WWE has hitched their billion-dollar wagon to the women of the sport.