Batista vs. Triple H Reportedly Set for WrestleMania 35

After ruining Ric Flair's 70th birthday party to close Raw, it seemed fairly obvious where WWE was aiming to take Dave Bautista. And only a few hours later, their plans for the Guardians of the Galaxy star have been revealed.

Bautista ended Raw by asking Triple H if he had his attention and per The Wrap, Monday night was officially the beginning of a WrestleMania 35 feud between the to former Evolution mates.

By the time April 7 rolls around, Batista vs. Triple H will be of main event caliber, especially considering they've opened their story so dramatically. With Bautista using Flair as the sacrificial lamb, Triple H will likely be playing the feud's hero with Bautista being the obvious heel.


This match seemed to be the plan as of last fall whenever these two when nose-to-nose during SmackDown 1000. However, when Triple H tore his pectoral muscle in November, it seemed like WWE's plans had been put on ice. But now, it looks like WWE is confident Triple H will be healthy enough to deliver at one of WM35's biggest matches.

Given the angle, and that WWE used Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, and even Ric Flair as bit players, it looks like Batista vs. Triple H will be used at one of WrestleMania's biggest selling points. While either the Raw Women's Championship or the Universal Championship are still the only candidates to main event, WWE will be giving Triple H vs. Batista no shortage of camera time.