WWE Appears to Decide on Fastlane Plans for Roman Reigns

Given the circumstances, we're just happy to see Roman Reigns back in WWE. But apparently he's ready to get back to work, and it looks like he'll be busy at Fastlane.

Cleveland's Q Arena just put out a new advertisement for their the March 10 pay-per-view, and the new ad featured Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins teaming up against Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley in a handicap match.

Reports around the internet seem to think that Braun Strowman could back Rollins and Reigns while Elias joins the other side. There's been some indication of Dean Ambrose getting involved, and at this moment, his inclusion would surprise no one.

Just a week ago, Reigns was in the middle of a five-month absence from WWE in order to fight leukemia. But on Monday, Reigns announced he was in remission. While that was enough to send the WWE Universe into euphoria, Reigns wound up getting physical that same night. After Ambrose had been ambushed by McIntyre, Corbin, and Lashley, Rollins and Reigns stormed out to rescue their old Shield mate. Despite making the save, there was no interaction between the trio, but that will likely be addressed on the upcoming Raw.

“I thought the second part of the night was cool because I was able to show them through action exactly how much better I’m doing so hopefully, after seeing me go through some physicality and kick some ass hopefully they can tell that, ‘Yeah, he is doing better, he’s looking better, he’s moving better.’ So hopefully, the snowball effect and people will see and stop worrying about me and deflect this beautiful energy that’s been sent to me and just use it to help others," Reigns told WWE.

Now that he's healthy, it looks like WWE won't be hesitating in throwing Reigns back in the loop. Earlier this week a report surfaced indicating that WWE was already trying to carve out a spot at WrestleMania 35 for Reigns, however, what that role may be is still a mystery.


But now that The Big Dog is back, where does WWE fit him? A tag match at Fastlane is the perfect way to get him rolling, but we still have over a month till WrestleMania. Just five months ago, Reigns was unquestionably WWE's top star, and now that he's back under such heroic circumstances, he's never been this popular.

Should Vince McMahon hot shot him into the Univeral Championship match? Or does Reigns' circumstance ask for a quiet 'Mania?