Watch: Batista Vows to End Triple H's Career at WrestleMania 35 on WWE Raw

Batista appeared on Monday Night Raw this week via satellite to explain his actions in recent weeks. The former WWE Champion and Guardians of the Galaxy actor returned to WWE television in late February by attacking Ric Flair backstage during his 70th birthday celebration. Two weeks later he appeared on Monday Night Raw demanding that Triple H give him what he's always wanted — a one-on-one match between the two of them at WrestleMania 35. "The Game" agreed, but then added a No Holds Barred Stipulation. During the video conversation Batista said that Hunter has always been scheming to make himself look good, and vowed to end his former friend's in-ring career.

"Since I left all I've wanted to do is come back and have one last match with him, and here we are," Batista said.

Michael Cole, who conducted the interview, asked if the feud had anything to do with their time together in Evolution in the early 2000s. Batista said it went back even further than that.

"No, it goes back way further than that," he said. "This guy, you know, I keep hearing that I owe my career to him, that he took me under his wing, he made me a star. And way before Evolution all this guy did was groom me to be his muscle. That's all he does. His history shows that he uses people to protect him, to make him look good. DX, Evolution, the same thing. So that's what he did, he groomed me. He used me like some big meat head to protect him, and he held me down, shut me out, talked down to me, underestimated me."

Cole then brought up when Batista first left the company in 2010.

"Stop saying I quit, people keep saying I quit," Batista said. "Imagine you've got this guy who is supposed to be your buddy, but he's also your boss. And he's also jealous of you, and all he ever wants to do is hold you down. So I'm trying to achieve things within the company, and I've got somebody who is jealous of me and is insecure, knows he can't beat me. (He wouldn't) give me my fair opportunity. So yeah, I left because of Hunter. He didn't think I was a star, didn't think I was a big enough star to be there on top of the company.

"But look at what I've accomplished since I've left the company. Worldwide fame, movie-star status. I've got to the point where now I'm in control," he continued. "I put myself in a position of control, without him. So here I am, demanding the match that I deserve and now I'm getting it. It's that simple."


Cole attempted to defend Triple H, who wasn't shown on TV throughout Raw, but it only made Batista angry.

"One day, hopefully soon, Vince (McMahon) is going to wake up and fire his a— and ends his professional career," Batista said. "And at WrestleMania, pay attention, I'm going to end his in-ring career."