The Miz Headed to WWE RAW In Superstar Shakeup

The Superstar Shakeup got off to a quick start on Monday night as the first star switching brands was revealed during the opening segment of RAW.

Following Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon both coming out to a chorus of boos from the Montreal crowd, they said it was time to unveil the first superstar who would be changing brands.

Before they could get the words out, The Miz's theme song came on and he ran out from the crowd, attacking Shane McMahon from behind.

The pair fought all over ringside, with most of the offense coming from The Miz. McMahon got a few shots in as they fought to the ringside barrier, knocking The Miz into the crowd (and busting him open in the process).

The Miz stormed back as McMahon bailed. The Miz stood in the ring with blood streaming down his face as the segment ended.


It would seem that this would mean that the end of the storyline between The Miz and Shane is imminent, with them now being on separate brands. It'd be a little surprising if they just finished it off instantly considering The Miz lost at WrestleMania and he needs to get his heat back over the heel McMahon. Obviously matches between each brand are still possible each and every month now that every PPV is co-branded, so expect at least one more match between the two before the story is finished off entirely.

This story is developing.