Becky Lynch Responds to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Comparisons

Ever since she adopted her outspoken persona as "The Man," Becky Lynch has elevated herself into becoming one of the WWE's top stars. She made history at WrestleMania 35 by winning the first-ever women's main event, and now stands tall as both the Ram and SmackDown Women's Champion. Many fans have compared Lynch's ascension to the top of the card to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's run as the WWF's top star in the Attitude Era. Austin himself has even agreed with the comparison on his podcast.

But in a new interview with CBS Sports' State of Combat podcast, Lynch said she's trying to stand out as her own person and not retrace Austin's steps as the company's biggest anti-hero.

"He's very vocal, he won't give you any crap. He'll tell you as it is" Lynch said when asked if she and Austin have talked recently. "So if he thinks you're slipping, he'll let you know. And if he thinks you're doing well, he'll let you know. So I have talked to him, just about having a good air about me. But my intention is never to emulate anybody other than myself.

"Being compared to one of the greatest of all time is fantastic, and being able to talk to him is even better," she continued. "So he's been very generous with his time and his opinions. But at the end of the day this is me going out there. This is my personality. These are my words that are out on display. And I've got to be my own human as opposed to a copy of anybody else."

Lynch was also asked about the controversy surrounding the main event's finish. Late in the match Lynch rolled up Ronda Rousey for a crucifix pin, but the footage from the match showed one of Rousey's shoulders was up even though the referee began counting to three. As she has done in other interviews, Lynch brushed it off by saying all she knew was that the referee counted to three and crowned her as the double champion.



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