Teen Who Was Arrested for Attempting to RKO His Principal Gets Arrested for RKOing a Fake Alligator

Inside the ring the RKO can be one of the most devastating moves in professional wrestling. Outside the ring, it can apparently land you in jail.

Back in early April 18-year-old Miami high school student Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was arrested after he pretended to hit one his teachers with an RKO, putting his arm under his teacher's head before shouting "RKO!" He never actually delivered the move, but he wound up being charged with battery on a specified official/employee and interference with an educational institution.

A week later Sosa was right back to RKOing, only this time it wasn't to a person. Sosa-Hernandez was arrested this week and charged with criminal mischief after taking off his shirt at The Falls Shopping Center in Miami-Dade County, jumping into a display pond and hitting a fake alligator with an RKO. The mall manager claimed to police that the fake alligator was valued at $3,690 dollars and was damaged because of the stunt. Sosa-Hernandez reportedly confessed and apologized after being arrested.

Randy Orton has not commented on either of the arrests.

According to the Miami Herald, Sosa-Hernandez's lawyer started that the first arrest was "hands down one of the most insane" things he's ever read, arguing that imitating something "fake" like pro wrestling should not be considered battery.

"Everyone knows wrestling is fake," the lawyer said.



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