Chris Jericho Discusses The Possibility Of More WWE Stars Following Him To AEW

With former WWE star Chris Jericho signing a lucrative deal with All Elite Wrestling this year, the natural question is whether or not more recent WWE stars will follow him.

Jericho discussed the possibility during an interview this week with Sportskeeda, looking specifically at the prospective cases of unhappy stars possibly making their way to AEW.

"It’s different. We’re not doing it that way where anyone who doesn’t like what they’re doing in WWE is automatically guaranteed a job in AEW," Jericho said. "We will look at every talent on an individual basis.

"There’s some guys we’d love to have in WWE, and there’s some guys we probably wouldn’t take. Obviously we haven’t even had a show yet and our roster is already very deep.

"When you talk about the Double or Nothing show, how many people can you book on that show? If you have 60-70 guys, you end up with the same problem as WWE."

Jericho's lines of communication with WWE appear to have gone cold in recent weeks. He spoke recently about the fact that he considers himself banned from WWE during an interview with The Jim & Sam Show on Sirius-XM.

“I’ve talked with him (Vince McMahon) a couple of times," Jericho explained. "But I’m kind of public enemy number one there now. I’ve been kind of removed from the annals of history. I asked the other day if I could have a couple of their guys on my podcast to promote Mania and I was told, ‘No, it’s not appropriate because you’re in AEW.’ I am banned from WWE."

Pressing him a bit on how far the apparent ban goes, Jericho back tracked on the totality of the idea that he is banned from the company.

“I think my stuff is still on there [the WWE Network]. I haven’t been disgraced. But as far as I know, they had to take some videos down from UpUpDownDown of me playing. Took that off. They edited some stuff from The Edge & Christian Show that had my name on it.”



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